Saturday, May 2, 2015

A More In Depth Review of Beetleborgs Metallix Season 2 Volmune Two DVD.

Ok, everyone, here is a more in depth review of the final volume of Beetleborgs Metallix. Now there were a few other fans out there that did this short of thing long before me and have done awesome jobs at them but the two I am talking about have since retired from that and started to focus more on their families which is totally understandable and I 100% respect their reasoning as I always live by the saying family always comes first. That should always be the number 1 priority for anyone. Now on words:

The package itself is the same as the other DVDs and the cover sleeve for this in my opinion are awesome and probably the best out of the four volumes of the Beetleborgs DVDs. The discription on the back of the DVD case is the same as that of Beetleborgs Metallix Season 2 Volume 1:

The Borgslayer has been destoryed. But a new big, bad threat for the Beetleborgs has officially arrived... Nukus and his army of Crustaceans! Can Drew, Roland and Jo take on this new foe before he unleashes another attack? They'll certainly need all the help they can get from their allies Flabber and Art Fortunes! They'll also need a new look powers! Get ready for Beetleborgs Metallix!

This includes the final 17 episodes of the series. Now I wish that they had did something different with it. To clarify, I mean like say something different in it like for example tease about the Astro Borg saga and the Mega Borg powers, but oh well I am just more happy that they finally release the final volume as you all should be too. Now I won't upload a video of the menu as I am not sure if am aloud to but I will at the very least upload a screen cap of it:

Before the menu appears on the first disc after the Shout Factory insert like their other releases is something that didn't occur on other releases of this show or other Saban Brands shows they have release. They had one commercial and that was to adversities their new Shout Factory TV website. Now this only occurs on the first disc and not the other two. When the menu starts up, it has the show's logo appear in the center of the screen with an all green grid background with a random background song from the show playing then it goes to this and the shows theme song begins to play out. Me personally, I really like this menu but kind of wish they had kept the sub menu for the episode selection but again like before, I am not complaining. Also here is a few more pics that I did not include from the last post:

Now, for my final thoughts. I really loved this volume and is one that I was looking forward to the most as this includes my all time favorite arc next to the Shadow Borg arc from the first season and that's the whole Astro Sword Arc from the Lost Comic episode all the way to debut of Robo Borg. These like their other releases are in excellent quality for a show that had aired in the 90s. This show along with VR Troopers Saban's Masked Rider(To which this one, has yet to see an offical DVD release but I hope it does one day in the near future.) The show ended with no real conclusion to it which sucks. Although if you are fanfiction readers I have and still in the process in working on the conclusion arcs for these shows. In my A New Home series, I have done the VR Troopers and Masked Rider conclusion arcs and now am working on the Beetleborgs one. Anyway back on topic. For those of you that are a fan of the show this is a must have DVD for your collection.

This DVD officially releases on May 5th but Shout had started shipping this out last week and I was lucky enough to get it. This is a Shout Select item so you can really only order it there at this point in time which is my recommendation if you live the areas they are allowed to ship in. The link below will take you to where you can buy the DVD at their website which is currently listed for $24.98.

Now before I forget, I am not in no way going to be doing reviews on everything related to to the Toksuatsu franchise(And that includes both the original Japan ones and American ones). But I felt that this deserves it and I will do more in the future but mostly only for the DVDs if asked for a specific ones.

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